Flagstaff Electric Mountain Bike Rentals


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Rentals Include: Bike Helmet, Tool Kit, Extra Tube, C02 Cartridge

Important Note: Please adhere to all rules and regulations concerning e-bikes on the trails. E-bikes are not allowed on all mountain bike trails, so it is essential to verify local laws and regulations beforehand. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Velotric Summit 1

Aventon Ramblas

Specialized Levo

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We Rent E-Bike Racks!

Hit the road with confidence. At Smitty’s E-Bikes, we offer E-Bike racks designed to handle the weight capacity of E-Bikes. Rent two E-MTBs along with a sturdy rack and embark on the E-Bike trip of a lifetime. We provide installation services and will guide you through the steps to properly secure your bikes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

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Flagstaff | 17.6 Miles | 2,775ft Climb | -2,775 Descent | E-Bikes Allowed | Blue Difficulty

Laika E-Biking Route

Explore the Thrilling Laika Trail with Our Electric Mountain Bikes!

Ready for an unforgettable adventure on two wheels? Discover Laika Trail, an 18-mile gem near Flagstaff, Arizona. This popular intermediate route is perfect for mountain bikers, and our electric mountain bikes make the ride even more exhilarating!

Why You'll Love Laika Trail

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Flagstaff | 2.3 Miles | 44ft Climb | -558 Descent | E-Bikes Allowed

Twisted Sister #434

Explore the beautiful nature of Flagstaff on this 2.3 miles ride. This trail difficulty is blue.

Get ready to tackle Twisted Sister #434, a trail that promises to challenge and thrill every mountain biker. Nestled in the heart of Flagstaff, Arizona, this 2.4-mile trail, totaling close to 5 miles with a there-and-back ride, is renowned for its twists, turns, and breathtaking scenery.

Why You'll Love Twisted Sister #434

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Flagstaff | 3.2 Miles One Way | 921ft Climb | E-Bikes Allowed

Dog Food

Explore the beautiful nature of Flagstaff on this 6.4 miles ride. This trail difficulty is blue.

Welcome to the Dog Food Trail, a captivating 3.2-mile route (6.4 miles round-trip) that offers a unique and ever-changing experience for mountain bikers. Popular in both directions, this trail is perfect for those seeking variety and challenge amidst the stunning landscapes of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Trail Highlights:

Three Sections to Explore: The Dog Food Trail is divided into three distinct sections, each offering its own character and challenge:

  • Lower Dog Food: A blue-green single track that is starting to get smoother and may soon be reclassified as a green trail. This section is perfect for easing into your ride with its gentle terrain.

  • Dog Food: This middle section is a blue-green double track and includes an old logging road with a steady uphill climb, featuring a 921-foot elevation gain. While it offers a consistent challenge, be prepared for some rough patches as water run-off has taken its toll on the trail.

  • Upper Dog Food: The final stretch is a green single track, providing a smoother ride to cap off your adventure.

Dynamic Terrain: Experience a mix of single and double tracks, varying from smooth paths to rugged climbs. The trail’s versatility ensures there’s something for everyone, whether you’re an intermediate rider or a beginner looking for a challenge.

Prepare for Your Adventure: